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Why is Writing articles to get back links

Why is Writing articles to get back links.

Why is Writing articles to get back links

Do you have a way with words?  If so, you can make the most of your skills for advertising on your website through the following article directory.  The audience is already created;  You add your backlinks from your own articles submitted for free to directory.

These are actually counted in your search engine rankings and are a great way to catch more readers and put them back on your site easily with backlinks.  Even if you don't like the author yourself, you can always pay for the ghost writing separately for yourself and then submit them to these instructions.

Just like any strategy to get backlinks, there are certain precautions.  Some search engines may keep some article directories underweight.  When a particular website or strategy is abused by online spammers, it becomes less attractive for search engine rankings.  Or, in the case of a paid article submission site like Associated Content.com, you get the best exposure, but no backlinks!  They are not Dofollow sites.

Another way to write a lot of articles for yourself without writing a lot yourself is to outsource working on sites like Walker or Elance.  You will find writers happy to create content so cheap that you can handle each article for less than the price of a happy meal.

There are also people on this outsourcing website who will go out and create your previous links for you and post these articles for you on the net.  There is almost no aspect of this type of backlinks policy that cannot be outsourced.

Now you have no excuse to start your previous linking campaign today. But before start writing please consider some tips which can be helping.

Do and don't in  backlinking

Here are some additional strategies that can help or perhaps harm your site when planning your backlinking strategy:

Do scope your own and Competition's backlinks 

All you have to do is log in to one of the major search engines and type in a special search term to pull information on your own or your competitor's backlinks.  This online business is like spying.

DO Offer for RSS feed.

If you offer content on your site to people looking for RSS feeds, they will automatically backlink to you.

DO Press Release

If you have significant news, you can write a press release and post it on a site that publishes new announcements.

Don't do backlinks bombing 

Google will penalize you if you have more than one site (and start linking to all of your sites to cause large-scale bombings).

Do lateral linking

Add content to popular social networking sites like YouTube or Facebook with backlinks to your site.  If your content goes viral, you can get a lot of quality links back to your website.

More, more, more

Keep relying on your backlinking strategy as long as you get backlinks, not just when you launch a new website.  The fastest way for search engines to realize that your fast links are real is that when your site starts launching you will have a big wave of back link building activity and it will stop immediately in the near future.

In order to show natural growth and look like a really important site in your niche, you need to build a continuous base of your previous links for life on your website.  This is not a part time job if you do not want to earn part time, the time to constantly generate your backlinks will increase faster than your ideas in the search engine on your website.

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