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Ghodke Digital

Ghodke digital is registered firm of providing digital Marketing services. 

Manoj Shashikant Ghodke is the name of the person who has 15 year worked experience in Logistics, Production, Supply Chain Management, Sales and Marketing.

In 2017 registered export firm under the name of M/s Manoj Shashikant Ghodke.

We are providing Digital Marketing services, Search Engine optimization, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Whatsapp Marketing, Social Media Marketing,

Business Strategy

Think: Research, plan and strategies. Use the opportunities of digital to meet communication, market and product challenges. Plan assets and campaigns.

Create: Make beautiful assets, from websites and videos to banner adverts and applications.

Engage: Use channels to drive traffic to those assets and build relationships with customers.

Optimize: Track and analyze to understand how assets and campaigns are performing. Derive insight to improve and test assets and campaigns. The first section of this book is devoted to think.

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